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Emma's Friends

Emma’s Friends is a special needs ministry at Grace Bible Church. Our mission is to equip our church to reach out to our neighbors with special needs in love, and to provide an atmosphere that welcomes everyone who enters the doors of Grace Bible Church, embracing and accommodating their unique needs and abilities. We desire to provide a place that is safe, inclusive and compassionate so that those with special needs and their families can come to worship the Lord with us, learn more about Him, and grow to become the vital part of Christ’s Body that He created them to be, all while giving God the glory.  

Emma and Mary Evelyn

Emma's Friends matches each child with a "buddy" who will stay with the child on Sunday mornings, either in their regular Sunday School room or in the Sensory Room.  The buddy is the child's friend and advocate, and will help the child navigate Sunday mornings in a safe, respectful, and joyful way.  Buddies are high school students, college students, and adults who have a special heart for kids of different abilities. 

Download the: Special Needs Intake Form

To register a child or become a buddy with our Emma’s Friends ministry, please email Katie Deweese (click here).