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Core Seminars

Core Seminar Evaluation

Purpose & Overview

"Growing Deeper to love better"
1 Timothy 1:5

Core Seminars at GBC are designed to train us in our discipleship of Jesus Christ. We Provide three separate tracks

  • The Essentials: grounds us in the basic disciplines of the Chritian life
  • The Bible Overview: seeks to improve our understanding of scripture
  • The History & Theology: exposes us to the history and doctrine of the church

When & Where

All classes meet every Sunday at 9:30 am in the Oxford Middle School and run until 10:15 am.

Reading & Materials

Most of the seminars reference useful Christian books that are available for purchase. Consider using them to supplement your seminar. All materials are found on our website.

More Information

If you would like more information about any of these seminars, or if you have questions, please contact the church office.

Course Offerings, Sunday mornings at 9:30

2017 2018
Core Tracks Sept 10 - Oct 22 Oct 29 - Dec 3 Dec 10 - Jan 21 Jan 28 - Mar 4 Mar 11 - Apr 15 Apr 22 - Jun 3 Jun 10 - Jul 15 Jul 22 - Sept 2
Repeats every twelve months
Fear of Man
Fear God rather than people
Two Ways to Live
Gospel outline and Presentation
Finding and knowing the will of God
Meeting with God
Basic disciplines of the Christian life
How to Study the Bible
Interpreting the Bible as instructed by the Bible
Unity and Diversity
How the Gospel brings unity amidst diversity
Explaining Christianity
Essentials of the Christian Faith
Jump Start
Basics of the Christian life
Bible Overview
Repeats every twelve months
Old Testament - Part 1
Genesis - Proverbs
Old Testament - Part 2
Ecclesiastes - Malachi
New Testament - Part 1
Matthew - Philippians
New Testament - Part 2
1 Timothy - Revelation
History & Theology
Repeats every twelve months
Church History
Early Church, Roman Conversion, Medieval Period, Reformation, Great Awakening, Global Expansion
Systematic Theology
Doctrine of the Word, Attributes of God, Creation, Providence, Sin, Doctrine of Christ
Living as a Church
Membership, Preaching, Prayer, Governance, Leadership, Church Discipline, Serving, Giving, Worship, Evangelism
Biblical Theology
Exploring themes in the Bible from Genesis - Revelation
Engaging the World
Repeats every twelve months
Evangelism Christians in the Workplace Neighboring Apologetics Missions


History and Theology
  • John Monteith
  • Robert Jackson
  • Stewart Rutledge
Bible Overview
  • Jason Boyd
  • Preston Gallaher
  • Blake Thompson
  • JD Shaw
  • Micah Messersmith